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Cuban Stars Handpainted Vintage T-Shirt
Cuban Stars Handpainted Vintage T-Shirt
Want the old school real deal? This is it. Vintage tees created one at a time, by hand. Each one handpainted (like in the old days), and each one an original. Each features a naturally muted, naturally distressed image that harkens back to the early days of professional sports. Begin or continue your collection of extraordinary vintage tees with this Cuban Stars shirt from Hannibal & Trott™.

Please note that these shirts are made in extremely small quantities, and because they are handmade products each one will be a little different than all the others.

The shirt is a 100% cotton fashion weight garment. Imported, but handpainted right here in the USA.
Cuban Stars
Cuban Stars "Wooly" Cap

I want this too
New York Cubans
New York Cubans "Grandstand" T-Shirt
New York Cubans Fitted Cap
New York Cubans Fitted Cap