Thick Ticket™ New York Black Yankees Kanji T-Shirt

Thick Ticket™ New York Black Yankees Kanji T-Shirt

This eye-popping, limited printing Thick Ticket™ tee pays tribute to the legacy of the New York Black Yankees in beautiful Japanese Kanji script rendered by one of Japan's most skilled Kanji calligraphers.

Japan and Negro League baseball? You bet! In fact, the first American baseball team to travel to Japan was a Negro League All-Star squad that toured the Land of the Rising Sun in 1927. The Negro League stars compiled a 23-0-1 record performing before sell-out crowds. The 1927 tour, and subsequent tours during the 1930s, showcased many of the greatest stars of Negro League baseball and spread the fame of Negro League players and teams throughout Asia.

The beautiful Kanji lettering on this shirt spells out "New York Black Yankees". Printed in extremely limited quantities this t-shirt features Thick Ticket™'s unique vintage printing style. The soft hand and beautiful print are among the features that make Thick Ticket™ t-shirts stand out from the crowd--and get you noticed!

The shirt is made of heavyweight (6.1 oz.), 100% cotton. Every shirt is pre-washed garment washed to prevent shrinkage and to enhance the soft and casual appearance of this Thick Ticket™ tee.

Imported. Printed in the U.S.A.